Curt | Anderson

uses your mind

against you

Curt uses techniques from magic, mentalism, and psychology to create stunning pieces of theater that will dazzle and bewilder your mind! Curt has been privy to some of the best-kept secrets the world has to offer and has been using them to captivate audiences across the United States and throughout the world. When you see him perform you will question your own reality!

Curt is well versed in all the forms that make up the art of illusion and uses his skills to produce shows designed specifically for the needs of his clients. He is best known for his prowess on stage, but he has melted many a minds while performing his own brand of personal magic both in small group settings and on the street. Rarely do you meet a magician that can perform world-class magic right in your very hands as well as pull off Vegas style illusions on the big stage. (Like when Curt made a $400,000.00 Lamborghini vanish for an international audience of over 8000 entranced spectators.)

What can you expect from The Magic of Curt Anderson? Memories! Curt firmly believes every person in every audience should take away great memories of a once in a lifetime experience. Curt’s illusions and escapes are jaw-dropping! His interactions with the audience are engaging and Curt’s quick wit ensures hilarity will ensue. An evening with The Magic of Curt Anderson is not a just a memorable night… it is UNFORGETTABLE!

I am not
I am just not
Salvador Dali

Shows and | Lectures

Curt has an array of shows that can be custom tailored to the size of the venue, number of expected attendees, and purpose of your event. Curt has performed and lectured for small company retreats, large conventions, and international television broadcasts.

Download his Electronic Presskit (EPK).

Face-to-Face Magic
Curt performs for small groups and individuals right in front of their noses. Most of the magic actually happens in the hands of the spectators! No stage, no big boxes, or curtains to hide behind. This brand of magic seems like the real thing and it all happens so close, it leaves little room for doubt.

Perfect for cocktail mixers, banquets, small business gatherings, or as an add-on to a stage show.

One Man Comedy Magic Show
This 45 minute to 1-hour show is designed to amaze and entertain. The magic is quick and the laughs are plenty. Curt can be almost anywhere, anytime with this show. This show travels in standard carry on and checked in baggage. This makes it perfect for unusual settings or tight schedules. Unlike Curt’s full stage shows there are few lighting, sound, or stage requirements. If you have an audience that needs to laugh then this is the show for you!
Jailbreak the Mind Show
The average man uses 10% of his brain, but Curt has learned to access much more of his. Curt performs physical stunts and mental challenges alongside magic and mind reading to create a mind-blowing experience that will make you question what is possible when you put your brain on overdrive!
Jailbreak the Mind Lecture
After a ‘Jailbreak’ show, Curt has a special second performance centered around TEACHING YOU to unlock more of your potential. Attendees will learn to instantly improve math and memory skills with a few special techniques and magic tricks. Curt will also instruct participants in the principles behind his performance, and how they can gain an edge in social situations. Participants will learn how to control their environment and build instant rapport with others. ‘The 90%’ shows are perfect for employees in customer service and sales, and college students.
Evening Stage Program
Curt is most known for his stage shows. He cuts his assistants into pieces and restores them, makes people float, and performs daring deathtrap escapes. Curt has mastered some of the biggest, and grandest illusions known to magic. He has escaped from a strait jacket while being hung by the ankles 100′ in the air; vanished cars, trucks, and SUVs. Curt has even vanished a $400,000 Lamborghini Diablo before an audience of over 8000 people from all around the world.
Show Consulting
Curt also designs illusions and consults for other magical entertainers and shows. If you can dream it up, Curt can make it happen.

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“My Brain

is the key

that sets me free”

Harry Houdini


“Magic is the only honest profession.

A magician promises to deceive you and he does…

Karl Germain

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“Magic is believing

in yourself

if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe