2018 The Best!

“Happy New Year!”

We say that every year about this time, but what do we do to make sure we have a Happy New year? The best way to have a happy new year is to make sure those around you are happy! For 2018 take some time to go out of your way to make others happy! Do something that takes time and effort on your part. Here at The Magic of Curt Anderson, we are going to be active in making others happy for 2018!

P.S. People leaving our show are happy people! Give us a call in 2018 to book a show that will make people happy with you and themselves.

The Magic of Christmas

The holidays are such a special time of the year! I love the giving spirit, the festive mood, and all the interaction with our fellow man. It is my favorite time of the year!

Magic has been associated with Christmas as long as it has been celebrated. Magic really adds to the fun and excitement of the holidays. We love to talk of Santa’s magic and Christmas miracles. Some of our greatest stories and myths have to do with the holidays.

May this be the best time of the year for you and whatever you celebrate. May you spend time with the ones you love. May you find peace and joy this season. Finally, I want to personally wish that you have a very magical holidays!

World’s Fastest Car Vanish?

Can Curt vanish a car faster than anyone in the world? Do you wonder what it takes to set a world record? Find out here.